Pride Comes Before a Fall and An Excellent Cup of Coffee In Bingham Park

Flying through the air then tumbling down a slippery grassy bank wasn’t exactly what I intended doing that day. Unfortunately that’s exactly what I did when I visited Bingham Park in Sheffield recently. Granted in some ways I felt some trepidation about writing a dog friendly review of this park! Why? Well 20 years ago it was my go to place to look for my daughters. Alas, Victoria and Laura preferred Bingham Park to the school they should have been attending – High Storrs.

Thankfully this time I wasn’t there to play hide and seek with my daughters. No I had a far more enjoyable objective – to complete a dog friendly review of the park.

This time I was immediately struck by the kindness of the park’s visitors. You see they didn’t laugh at my fall from grace and instead asked me if I was ok.

Of course I said that I was ok! In truth my pride had suffered a terrible blow but I wasn’t going to admit that to anyone !

Now what I really needed to recover was a stiff drink. Failing that a really good cup of coffee would do. And that exactly what I found at the nearby mobile Motore Cafe. I thought it would be good because they use Darkwoods Coffee. And I had enjoyed this coffee before in the Caudwells Mill cafe at Rowsley.

I really enjoyed the warm and friendly welcome at the Motore Cafe from the Barista and the owner. The cappuccino was excellent and I felt much refreshed afterwards and ready to appraise the dog friendliness of Bingham Park.

The Motore Cafe itself is very dog friendly. They offer free treats to visiting dogs and a bowl of water. I feel sure the many dogs who visit Bingham Park appreciate this kindness. For more information including opening times etc why not visit their Facebook page here

the coffee Is absolutely lovely, and pastries are delicious. Cannoli and Portuguese custard tarts are highly recommended and have been a lovely treat at the end of my weekly run!

Quote from one of many satisfied customers

My visit to Bingham Park was on a Saturday morning and it was fairly busy. Despite this I noticed it had a calm friendly atmosphere. Much of this was due to the presence of people out walking with their cute dogs. The scene reminded me of those Victorian paintings of well dressed people promenading in their finery. I lost count of the dog breeds I saw there. Some were on lead and other running about freely.

It was a joy to see them dashing in and out of the Porter Brook. Watching dogs doing zoomies with other dogs is a great pastime and one I enjoyed that day.

poodle paddling in Bingham Park

Bingham Park Points to Ponder

  • Following the Porter Brook along its length Bingham Park is adjacent to Ranmoor and Ecclesall. Together with Endcliffe Park and Forge Dam Park the three parks are usually referred to as the Porter Valley Parks.
  • Bingham Park is separated from Endcliffe Park on the east side by Rustlings Road.
  • The North side of Bingham Park forms a hillside which provides extensive views across the Porter Valley and beyond to Ranmoor. The footpath on the valley floor winds it’s way east following and running alongside Porter Brook towards Whiteley Woods and ultimately towards Forge Dam Park where it ends.
  • On the way the footpath passes some dams including the one called the Shepherd Wheel.
  • Bingham park has amenities such as tennis courts and a bowling green.
  • Bingham Park gets its name from local philanthropist Sir John E Bingham who gifted 11 acres of his land in 1911 to Sheffield Corporation.
  • A water powered scythe works which is a popular visitor attraction and dam were added to the park in 1927.


Bingham park is a great place to take your dog for a walk with excellent refreshments for both owners and their dogs. The park itself is beautiful and offers many opportunities for dogs to frolic and also to paddle in Porter Brook since it runs along almost the entire length of the park. Sheffield City Council have provided bins so dog owners can easily dispose of dog waste.