Tracking the location and activity of dogs has become increasingly popular among pet owners. With advancements in technology, GPS dog trackers offer a reliable and efficient way to monitor your canine’s movements, ensuring they are safe and healthy.

These devices provide real-time location data, which is invaluable if your pet likes to explore or has a tendency to wander off. They come with a variety of features including safe zone alerts, activity monitoring, and even health tracking.

Choosing the right GPS dog tracker can be crucial to maintaining the safety of your pet. It’s important to consider factors such as battery life, range, and the robustness of the device, as these will directly impact its usefulness in keeping track of your pet.

For instance, a tracker with a long-lasting battery is ideal for extended periods of use, and a durable, waterproof design is essential for withstanding the outdoor activities of your dog.

When making a purchase, you should also consider whether the device requires a monthly subscription service for GPS functionality, as this could influence the long-term cost. Additionally, the comfort of your dog is important, so look for lightweight trackers with adjustable collars. Other attributes such as the ability to set safe zones and receive escape alerts swiftly are invaluable for preventing potential dangers.

Top GPS Dog Trackers

Whether you’re out on a walk in the park or your furry friend is prone to spontaneous adventures in the neighbourhood, a GPS dog tracker can be your ally in keeping tabs on your beloved pet. We’ve rounded up some of the finest trackers on the market, designed to give you peace of mind with real-time location updates and activity monitoring features.

These devices are user-friendly and ensure that you’re just a click away from knowing your dog’s whereabouts. Browse through our selected choices to find the perfect fit for your canine companion.

Tractive GPS Tracker

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs (blue)

If you’re keen to keep tabs on your furry friend’s whereabouts and well-being, the Tractive GPS Tracker offers a comprehensive solution.


  • Tracks location in real time with no distance limit
  • Provides escape alerts to your phone for peace of mind
  • Monitors pet’s activity and health patterns


  • Requires a paid subscription to function
  • Battery life can vary depending on usage
  • Heavier pets may not find the device as comfortable

A GPS dog tracker can be a game-changer if you often fret over your dog’s location. Tractive’s GPS Tracker allows you to see where your pet is at any given moment. You’ll get alerts if they scamper outside predefined safe zones, adding a layer of security during your outdoor activities.

Think of your dog’s health as a top priority? This device also monitors their sleep and activity, providing you with updates to help maintain their wellness. It’s also waterproof, so your adventures need not be limited by the weather or a splash in the lake.

Bear in mind that this level of tracking requires a subscription, which may be an added cost you’ll need to budget for. The battery’s duration will depend greatly on how often you’re tracking your pet’s movements. Lastly, while the tracker’s design is sleek, its suitability might vary depending on your pet’s size.

PitPat Tracker

PitPat Dog GPS Tracker

Consider this PitPat Tracker if peace of mind with no ongoing costs is a priority for keeping tabs on your canine companion.


  • Offers unlimited range satellite-based tracking across the UK and major European countries.
  • No recurring fees thanks to a lifetime included SIM card.
  • Leading battery life diminishes the hassle of frequent charging.


  • Some users report signal acquisition delays which could be concerning in a loss situation.
  • The device’s location services may be less precise for certain users.
  • The application’s performance varies and might not be as intuitive for all.

When your dog’s safety is on the line, knowing their location at all times is essential. The PitPat Tracker provides full satellite tracking, so you’re not limited by the range constraints of Bluetooth or WiFi. If your dog decides to go on an unexpected adventure, you can rest a bit easier knowing you’ll have the tools to find them.

One notable feature of the PitPat Tracker is its absence of hidden service fees. You’ll only pay once for the device without worrying about monthly subscription costs, which can quickly add up with other trackers. This point alone could make the PitPat an economically wise choice for budget-conscious pet owners.

Despite the positives, every product has its limitations. While leading battery life is a significant advantage, it’s important to weigh this against varied user experiences regarding location precision and software performance. It is crucial to consider how the device would perform in your specific environment and routine. The PitPat Tracker does offer additional features like exercise monitoring and customised feeding recommendations, pivoting it as a multifunctional device rather than just a tracker.

Pawfit 3 Tracker

PawFit 3 Tracker

If you’re seeking peace of mind for your pet’s whereabouts, the Pawfit 3 Tracker could be your answer, given its array of smart features and robust build.


  • Instantaneous GPS updates for real-time tracking
  • No range limitation as it operates on 4G network
  • Designed with an LED light and audible alerts for safety and training


  • Requires subscription for data service
  • Occasional discrepancies in location accuracy
  • Battery life varies with usage intensity

Pet ownership comes with the joy of companionship and the anxiety of keeping your furry friend safe. A gadget like the Pawfit 3 Tracker might just alleviate some of those worries. Its real-time GPS tracking ensures that you’re able to pinpoint your pet’s location swiftly, particularly handy if your beloved companion is prone to adventurous escapades or if you’re frequently visiting environments where they can roam freely.

Modern pet owners have tech at their fingertips, and user-friendly solutions like Pawfit’s app mean staying connected to your pets has never been easier. Imagine the convenience of setting up a virtual fence and receiving alerts the moment your pet steps beyond it. Plus, if you’re caught in a low-light situation, the LED on the tracker aids in locating your pet.

It’s clear that Pawfit 3 has been designed with not just pet tracking in mind, but overall pet care. From voice commands that can aid training to activity monitoring for health and fitness, this device offers a multifaceted approach to pet management. Just be mindful of the need for a subscription to keep all these services running, as well as the fact that, while generally reliable, the tracker’s battery life and location accuracy may fluctuate based on signal strength and how often you’re tracking your pet.

Tractive XL

Tractive Dog XL GPS Dog Tracker

The Tractive XL GPS Dog Tracker offers comprehensive tracking for your dog, ensuring peace of mind with an array of health and activity monitoring features.


  • Accurate real-time GPS tracking with coverage in over 175 countries
  • Long battery life, lasting up to a month on a single charge
  • Robust waterproof design suitable for larger dogs


  • Requires a subscription for operation
  • Bulky for smaller dogs or those not used to wearing a collar
  • Alerts and tracking can be inconsistent depending on signal coverage

Peace of mind is paramount when it comes to the safety and well-being of your beloved pet. With this GPS tracker, you always know where your four-legged friend is, thanks to real-time tracking. Going on holiday? No problem; the worldwide coverage ensures you can keep tabs on your pet across the globe.

Imagine the relief, knowing you’d be the first to know if your dog ever wandered off. The escape alert system means you get instant notifications if your dog leaves a predefined area, readying you to act fast.

Taking care of your dog’s health goes beyond regular vet visits. This tracker aids in monitoring your dog’s activity levels and sleep patterns, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Keeping track of these patterns helps to spot any irregularities early, ensuring your furry pal stays in top shape.

Tractive GPS Dog Tracker

Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs (white)

For peace of mind with an adventurous pup, the Tractive GPS Dog Tracker could be your trusted companion to keep tabs on your furry friend’s whereabouts.


  • Offers real-time tracking to monitor your dog’s location at any moment
  • Supports a substantial number of countries with its worldwide coverage
  • Encased in a waterproof and robust build, ensuring durability


  • Requires a subscription for functionality, which may be an additional cost
  • The battery life may vary and requires recharging, possibly at inconvenient times
  • Limited to tracking; doesn’t include features like training aids or in-built cameras

Imagine taking your dog for a stroll in the park, and suddenly they bolt after a squirrel. With this tracker, you can quickly check your phone and breathe easier, knowing exactly where they’ve trotted off to.

No matter where your pet’s curiosity takes them, you’re a tap away from their exact location.

Gone are the days when you would worry about taking your dog on holidays. This tracker’s global reach ensures that even when you’re soaking up the sun abroad, you can keep a close eye on your canine’s explorations, ensuring they’re safe and secure.

Think about how reassuring it would be to get an alert the moment your dog wanders out of your pre-set safe zone.

This feature is invaluable for those with pets who have a knack for sneaky escapes. The overall design prioritizes your convenience and your pet’s safety, fitting seamlessly into both of your lifestyles.

Buying Guide

When you’re considering purchasing a GPS dog tracker, it’s important to know what features to look for to ensure your furry friend’s safety and your peace of mind.

Key Features to Consider

  • Durability & Water Resistance: Your dog’s adventures might involve water or rough play, so a robust and water-resistant tracker is a must.
  • Battery Life: A long battery life means less frequent charging, ensuring your dog is monitored more consistently.
  • Range: Check the tracker’s maximum range to ensure it fits your dog’s roaming area, especially if you live in a rural setting.
  • Size & Comfort: A comfortable fit is essential. Choose a size-appropriate tracker that won’t irritate your dog or hinder their movements.

Performance & Reliability

  • GPS Accuracy: Precision is paramount in locating your pet quickly.
  • Connectivity: Look for devices with reliable connectivity, whether it uses cellular networks, Wi-Fi, or other technologies.
  • Update Frequency: The frequency with which the tracker updates the location can be crucial in an emergency.

Additional Features

  • Virtual Fences: Some trackers offer geofencing, which alerts you when your dog leaves a predefined area.
  • Activity Monitoring: As an added bonus, some trackers have built-in activity monitors to help you keep an eye on your dog’s fitness levels.

Price & Subscription

  • Initial Cost vs Ongoing Fees: Assess the upfront cost, but don’t forget to account for potential monthly or annual subscription fees for GPS services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Selecting the right GPS dog tracker involves understanding the available options, service plans, and features. These FAQs provide precise information to help you make an informed decision.

What are the best-rated GPS dog trackers currently available?

Among the top-rated GPS dog trackers, the Whistle Go Explore and the Garmin T5 GPS Dog Collar are highly regarded for their accuracy, durability, and range of features.

Is it possible to find a reliable dog tracker that doesn’t require a monthly subscription?

Yes, there are reliable dog trackers without monthly fees, such as the Tractive GPS Dog 4 without a subscription model. They may, however, have a higher upfront cost.

How do GPS dog trackers function when out of cellular service range?

GPS dog trackers that rely on cellular service will not be able to transmit your dog’s location when out of range. Some models switch to radio frequency (RF) signals or offline maps to continue tracking.

Can I use an AirTag to keep track of my dog’s location?

While AirTags are not specifically designed for dogs, you can attach one to your dog’s collar to track their location within range of Apple’s Find My network, but they may be less effective in remote areas.

What features should I look for in a GPS dog tracker to ensure it meets my needs?

Consider battery life, waterproof rating, size, range, and real-time tracking capabilities when choosing a GPS dog tracker. Also, think about whether you need activity monitoring and geofencing alerts.

Do the benefits of investing in a GPS dog tracker justify the cost?

Investing in a GPS dog tracker can provide peace of mind. With it, you can quickly locate your dog if they get lost. For many pet owners, this benefit outweighs the cost.