07 Jul

We were in need of a dog walker for our 11 year old boy during the week, as he has a tendency to spend his days asleep on the sofa where he can whilst we’re at work. Derek came into Hugo’s life on recommendation from a work colleague, and he hasn’t been quite the same since. Gone is our lazy, grumpy boy and in his place is a younger, more social good boy – we are convinced this is due to the midday adventures he has with Derek. The updates on the app we receive from Derek post walk are fantastic and do wonders for my guilt, as I know not only what route Hugo’s adventure took him, but the pictures and videos of Derek and Hugo interacting on their walks put my mind at ease and I know he is having a good sniff (of every tree he comes across, sorry Derek) and there won’t be any accidents when we get home (thankfully Derek tracks that too for you!) Using the app to schedule Derek couldn’t be easier, and we were pleasantly surprised that he was able to look after Hugo at short notice on a Saturday when we had to leave town for the day – Hugo in particular! We could go on but should probably end on how grateful we are that Derek has given Hugo some of his bounce back. We are due to welcome a puppy to the fold in the next fortnight and are hoping he’ll be able to help do the opposite with the ball of furry energy heading our way!