Joint health is a significant concern for dog owners, particularly as their faithful companions enter their senior years. Like humans, dogs can suffer from joint problems such as arthritis, which can severely impact their quality of life.

A growing market of joint supplements has emerged, aiming to support canine mobility and joint health. Among these, YuMove Joint Supplements for Dogs have garnered attention for their targeted approach to maintaining and improving joint function in dogs.

YuMove supplements are formulated with a blend of ingredients known for their positive effects on joint health. The active components typically include glucosamine and chondroitin, which are well-regarded for their role in maintaining the integrity of cartilage, the cushioning tissue between joints.

Additionally, YuMove is renowned for incorporating Green Lipped Mussel, a natural source of unique omega-3 fatty acids that are thought to soothe stiff joints.

When considering a joint supplement for your dog, key factors to examine include the quality and specificity of the ingredients, the dosage of the active components, and the suitability for your dog’s particular age, size, and health condition.

With a variety of products on the market, it’s critical to choose one that provides a clear, targeted approach to joint health, as well as a solid reputation for efficacy and safety.

YuMove Joint Supplements for Dogs stand out by not only addressing common issues faced by ageing canines but also by catering to a range of needs with their different formulations.

This attention to detail suggests that whether you’re looking for maintenance of healthy joints in a younger dog or more intensive support for an older dog with significant mobility issues, there’s a YuMove product to suit your dog’s needs.

Top YuMove Joint Supplements for Your Dog

Keeping your furry friend active and comfortable as they age or face joint issues can be a challenge, but YuMove joint supplements could make all the difference. These UK-formulated supplements are designed to support and maintain joint health, using a blend of high-quality ingredients. Whether your pooch is getting on a bit, or they’re recovering from an injury, finding the right supplement can help to restore their zest for life. Here’s our roundup of the best YuMove joint supplements to help your dog maintain mobility and stay as happy and playful as ever.

YuMOVE Adult Dog

YuMove joint care for adult dogs powered by ActivEase - 120 tasty tablets

Your furry friend could feel more sprightly with YuMOVE Adult Dog, a supplement known for supporting joint health and mobility.


  • Contains natural ingredients to ease joint stiffness
  • Formulated to promote overall joint health and improve mobility
  • Touted as the UK’s number one veterinary joint supplement


  • Results vary between individuals and may take up to six weeks
  • Not suitable for dogs with seafood allergies due to green-lipped mussel content
  • On the higher end of the price spectrum compared to some alternatives

Joint discomfort can really put a damper on your dog’s enthusiasm for playtime and walks. YuMOVE Adult Dog comes as a beacon of hope, providing natural components such as Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which are commonly used to help maintain healthy joints.

Owners have noted improvements in their dogs’ mobility after regular use, which is particularly poignant for older pets showing signs of stiffness.

While YuMOVE may be at a premium price point, the investment reflects its popularity and positive reception among dog owners. It’s a matter of weighing the potential benefits against the cost, especially if your dog could regain a spring in their step.

Consistent use is key to seeing the benefits of any supplement. Reports suggest that YuMOVE Adult Dog delivers observable results, particularly in dogs that have begun to slow down due to joint issues.

It’s a product that aims to enhance your dog’s quality of life, potentially leading to more joyous moments together. Be prepared to exercise patience, as it may take a few weeks to notice changes.

YuMOVE Senior MAX for Older Dogs

YuMove Joint Care for Senior Dogs Max Strength

If your ageing canine companion is getting a bit slower on their paws, YuMOVE Senior MAX could be the helping hand they need for their joint health.


  • Clinically proven to improve mobility in just six weeks
  • Formulated with ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel for a potent Omega-3 boost
  • Tailored for older dogs, supporting stiff joints and joint structure


  • Premium pricing may not fit everyone’s budget
  • Contains shellfish, unsuitable for dogs with specific allergies
  • Requires consistent daily dosing for best results

Choosing the right joint supplement can make a world of difference to your dog’s quality of life. YuMOVE Senior MAX is specifically engineered to soothe stiff joints and foster mobility in senior dogs.

With a triumphant fanfare from vets being the UK’s number one veterinary joint supplement brand, it carries a strong reputation.

The heart of this product beats to the rhythm of the ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel. These mussels are not just an ocean oddity; they’re packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, known to be beneficial for reducing inflammation.

In a tablet that’s easy to administer, each serving brings your dog a beneficial mix to support their active lifestyle.

Despite its successes, not every dog’s story will align with YuMOVE Senior MAX. Its premium status is mirrored in its cost, which may stir paws for thought for owners with tighter purse strings.

Additionally, for dogs with shellfish allergies, this is a path best left untrodden, as the core ingredient might cause more than a ruffled fur.

YuMove Adult Dog Joint Supplement

YuMove Joint Care for Adult Dogs Powered by ActivEase- 80 tasty tablets

You’ll find YuMove Adult Dog Joint Supplement can be a fine choice for maintaining your dog’s joint health, with carefully selected ingredients designed for adult dogs.


  • Formulated to support joint health in adult dogs
  • Contains high-quality ingredients like Glucosamine and Green Lipped Mussel
  • Positive customer feedback for improving mobility


  • May be pricier compared to other supplements
  • Not all dogs might like the taste
  • Requires consistent daily dosage for best results

YuMove offers a range of benefits for your furry friend’s joints. It’s crafted to nurture not just mobility, but overall joint health.

With Green Lipped Mussel known for its high omega-3 content, this supplement supports the natural anti-inflammatory process. Plus, the inclusion of Glucosamine and Chondroitin aids in maintaining healthy cartilage, crucial for cushioning joints during movement.

The brand commits to creating reliable, quality products, and this dedication is reflected in customer experiences.

Users have noted visible improvements in their dogs’ activities, ranging from a more comfortable walk to enthusiastic play.

Remember, consistency is key. Daily administration ensures the active ingredients have a continuous effect on your dog’s joint health.

While the price point may be slightly above average, investing in your dog’s well-being often reaps dividends in terms of reduced vet visits and a happier pet.

Keep in mind, though, the palatability can vary from dog to dog; some may be more willing to take the tablet than others may. Being patient and creative with how you present the supplement can make all the difference.

Yumove Senior Dog Supplements

YuMove Joint Care for Senior Dogs Powered by ActivEase

If your senior pooch is getting a bit stiff, Yumove Senior Dog Supplements could be a handy addition to their daily routine to support their joints.


  • Specially formulated for older dogs
  • Contains high-strength ingredients like Green Lipped Mussel
  • Positive reviews suggest noticeable improvements in mobility


  • Some dogs might not like the taste
  • A bit pricier compared to some other joint supplements
  • Not a quick fix; it might take some time to see results

Looking out for an ageing four-legged friend can involve addressing mobility issues. Yumove Senior Dog Supplements are designed to provide high-strength support for dogs that are a bit more advanced in age.

They combine glucosamine, chondroitin, and Green Lipped Mussel, components that are known to support joint health.

It can be worrying to see your canine companion struggle with their mobility. These tablets aim to ease discomfort and maintain joint health over time.

While the up-front cost may be higher than other supplements, investing in quality ingredients could lead to better long-term outcomes for your dog’s comfort and movement.

Sometimes, even with the best products, your dog might turn up their nose at taking their medicine.

If this happens, it might be a bit of trial and error to get them to take their tablet.

However, numerous reviews have highlighted improvements in dogs’ agility and enthusiasm for walks, indicating that for many pups, Yumove is a beneficial addition to their daily regimen.

Remember, patience is key; it might take a few weeks to see significant changes in your pet’s mobility.

YuMOVE Young and Active

YuMove Joint Care for Young Dogs Powered by ActivEase

If your young pup is showing signs of joint discomfort or you’re aiming to maintain their active lifestyle, YuMOVE Young and Active could be a beneficial addition to their daily routine.


  • Contains high levels of Omega-3 from ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel for joint comfort
  • Proven to support joint structure and improve mobility within 6 weeks
  • Backed by a satisfaction guarantee


  • May not be suitable for dogs with certain seafood allergies due to the specific type of Green Lipped Mussel used
  • Results can vary for each dog; some may not respond to the supplement
  • Higher price point compared to some other joint supplements on the market

Your dog’s vitality and playfulness are a joy to witness, but active and growing joints require proper nutritional support.

YuMOVE Young and Active has been crafted to meet this need, providing triple-action support that keeps those tails wagging and paws prancing.

With sustainability in the spotlight, you’ll be pleased to know that the inclusion of ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel in this supplement not only offers a potent form of Omega-3 fatty acids but also comes from sources with an eye on environmental responsibility.

It’s a win for your dog’s joints and a step towards supporting the planet’s well-being.

Selecting the right supplement is a significant decision; fortunately, YuMOVE comes with a reassuring track record.

Positioned as the UK’s number one vet-recommended joint supplement brand and with a promise of noticeable results in as little as six weeks, it presents a compelling case for guardians of young, active canines keen on safeguarding their pet’s joint health.

YuMOVE Daily Bites for Adult Dogs

YuMove Joint Care Daily Bites for Adult Dogs Powered by ActivEase

If you’re considering a supplement to support your dog’s joint health, YuMOVE Daily Bites could be a valuable addition to their diet.


  • Especially formulated to improve canine joint health
  • Clinically proven results in as little as 6 weeks
  • Preferred by many as the UK’s top veterinary joint supplement brand


  • May contain allergens like fish
  • Noticeable benefits may vary per individual dog
  • Higher cost compared to some other joint care options

Joint care for dogs is vital, particularly as they age or if they have mobility issues.

YuMOVE Daily Bites are designed to provide triple-action support, aiming to soothe stiff joints, support joint structure, and improve overall mobility.

With the unique addition of ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, these chews are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which are known to help ease joint stiffness.

Every pet is unique, and so is their response to supplements.

While many dog owners report positive effects after using YuMOVE Daily Bites, including improved vitality and comfort, some might not notice a significant change. This variance is quite normal with any supplement regimen.

Price is often a consideration when maintaining a pet’s health.

While YuMOVE Daily Bites are at a higher price point, the investment reflects the high-quality ingredients and the research-backed benefits they provide.

Remember, you’re investing not just in a product but in your furry friend’s quality of life.

YuMOVE Working Dog Tablets

YuMove Joint Care for Working Dogs Powered by ActivEase

Your active pooch deserves joint care that keeps up with their pace, and YuMOVE Working Dog Tablets are formulated for just that purpose.


  • Designed to improve joint comfort and mobility
  • Backed by clinical studies showing results in 6 weeks
  • Comes with a satisfaction guarantee


  • Premium pricing compared to some alternatives
  • Not a substitute for veterinary care in severe cases
  • A daily commitment is needed for best results

YuMOVE Working Dog Tablets aim to enhance your dog’s joint health through their triple-action formula.

They support long term joint comfort which is particularly beneficial for working dogs who put extra strain on their joints.

This supplement’s key ingredient is ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, rich in Omega-3, known for its properties that can soothe stiff joints.

You’ll find these supplements also aid in maintaining your dog’s joint structure and overall mobility.

The fact that YuMOVE is the UK’s no.1 veterinary joint supplement brand reflects its popularity and the trust pet owners place in it.

Plus, with a claim of visible results in just six weeks and a money-back guarantee, YuMOVE seems to understand the concerns of committed dog owners.

The dedication to your dog’s well-being is made simpler with YuMOVE, as it’s crafted to blend in with your pet’s daily routine effortlessly.

It’s worth noting though, sticking to a daily regimen is essential to achieve the full benefits, which might require consistency and commitment on your part.

While these tablets are highly rated, it’s crucial to consider them as part of a holistic approach to your dog’s health, which includes regular exercise, a balanced diet, and veterinary check-ups when needed.

YuMOVE Small Dog Chews

YuMove Joint Care One-a-day for Small Dogs Powered by ActivEase

If you’re looking for a supplement that could help your small dog’s joint stiffness and mobility, YuMOVE Small Dog Chews might be a contender.


  • Formulated to support joint structure and improve mobility
  • Contains high levels of Omega-3 for joint soothing
  • The UK’s top veterinary joint supplement, clinically proven to work within 6 weeks


  • Some dogs may dislike the taste and refuse to eat them
  • Potential for inconsistency, with some packs reported to contain broken pieces
  • On the pricier side compared to some competitors

YuMOVE Small Dog Chews are designed with a triple-action formula aimed at enhancing your dog’s joint health.

This popular supplement is enriched with ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, offering a rich source of Omega-3, reputed for soothing stiff joints.

Its unique combination of ingredients has been clinically proven to make a significant difference in as little as 6 weeks.

Considering that YuMOVE has earned its place as the number one veterinary joint supplement brand in the UK, it’s no wonder that over two million dogs are reaping the benefits each year.

The chewable format of this supplement makes it an easy addition to your dog’s daily routine, especially for small breeds that might struggle with larger pills.

While many pets and their owners have found YuMOVE to be a valuable component in managing joint health, it’s not a one-size-fits-all remedy.

Some dogs may turn their noses up at the taste, which could lead to mealtime challenges.

The cost might also be a factor, as it’s an investment in your dog’s health that will require ongoing expenditure.

Furthermore, receiving a pack filled with broken pieces could be disappointing when consistency is key for daily supplementation.

YuMOVE Daily Bites for Young Dogs

YuMove Joint Care Daily Bites for Young Dogs Powered by ActivEase

If you’re looking to support your dog’s joint health from a young age, YuMOVE Daily Bites could be a worthwhile addition to their routine.


  • Designed to support developing joints in young and active dogs.
  • Contains Omega-3 rich Green Lipped Mussel for joint comfort.
  • Formulated into tasty chews that dogs generally love.


  • Contains fish allergens, which might not be suitable for all dogs.
  • Results may vary depending on the dog’s condition and breed.
  • Some dogs may not find the chews as palatable as others.

Nurturing your dog’s joints from their youthful days can pave the way for a thriving, active life.

YuMOVE Daily Bites for Young Dogs are formulated specifically to support the joint structure and mobility of dogs under six years old.

With a blend of ingredients known for joint health, including the sustainably sourced ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel, these chews are designed to help soothe stiff joints.

While many dogs will find the chews delicious and look forward to them as a treat, there’s always a chance your pup may turn their nose up at them.

If your dog has fish allergies, it’s important to be aware that YuMOVE is produced with this allergen.

Reactions can be as diverse as the dogs themselves, with some showing significant improvement in limberness and others less so.

Your dog’s long-term mobility matters, and incorporating a supplement like YuMOVE into their daily regimen could be a step in the right direction.

It’s always recommended to consult with a vet before starting any new supplement to ensure it’s suitable for your pet’s specific health needs.

With over 2 million dogs already supported yearly by YuMOVE, maybe your furry friend could also enjoy the benefits of these joint-supporting chews.

YuMOVE Joint Supplements

YuMove Young & Active Triple Action Joint Support for Young and Active Dogs

If your dog is highly active or in their growing years, YuMOVE Joint Supplements could be a beneficial addition to their routine.


  • Contains ingredients that support joint health and mobility
  • Formulated to assist with recovery post-exercise
  • Suitable for puppies and athletic dogs


  • May be considered expensive compared to other brands
  • Limited allergen information available
  • Some dogs may not like the taste

YuMOVE Joint Supplements are formulated to provide targeted support for dogs that lead an active lifestyle. Whether it’s a young pup exploring the world or a competitive canine athlete training for the next event, maintaining robust joint health is crucial.

This supplement brings together ingredients that promote mobility and support joint development, which can play a pivotal role in your dog’s overall wellness and ability to stay active.

One definition of vitality is the capacity to live and develop, and that’s exactly what YuMOVE aims to support in your canine companion.

Post-exercise recovery is an essential aspect of an active dog’s life; the formulation includes additional strength vitamins C and E that help neutralise free radicals produced during vigorous activity. This can aid in long-term mobility maintenance, ensuring that your dog remains at the pinnacle of their health and performance.

Cost is an inevitable consideration when investing in high-quality canine supplements. While YuMOVE may be on the pricier side, the benefits it offers could outweigh the investment for your dog’s joint health and agility.

When assessing the choice of such supplements, it’s beneficial to keep your furry friend’s specific needs and lifestyle at the forefront of your decision-making process.

Buying Guide

Assess Your Dog’s Needs

Think about your dog’s size, age, and activity level. These factors influence the type of joint supplement that would be most appropriate.

Younger dogs may benefit from preventive care, while older dogs might need more potent support for existing joint issues.

Ingredients to Look For

  • Glucosamine: Aids in cartilage repair and growth.
  • Chondroitin: Complements glucosamine and helps maintain joint flexibility.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Help reduce inflammation.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM): Supports joint health and can reduce pain and inflammation.

Read Labels Carefully

Aspect Why It’s Important
Dosage Ensures you’re giving the right amount.
Origin Opt for products with clear sourcing.
Additives Avoid unnecessary fillers or additives.

Consider Dog’s Preference

Tablets, chewable treats, or liquids—consider what your dog will most likely accept. Your dog’s willingness to take the supplement is key to its effectiveness.

Consult Your Vet

Before making a decision, have a chat with your vet. They’ll offer tailored advice based on your dog’s health history and specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your dog’s joint health is important, and you likely have questions about YuMOVE supplements. Here are the answers to some of the most common queries.

What are the possible side effects of taking YuMOVE for my dog?

YuMOVE is generally well-tolerated by most dogs, but, as with any supplement, there is a possibility of side effects.

Your dog might experience mild digestive upset, such as diarrhoea or flatulence. If you notice any persistent side effects, consult your vet.

How effective is YuMOVE in treating joint issues in dogs?

YuMOVE is formulated to support joint health and can be a part of managing your dog’s joint issues.

It contains ingredients like glucosamine, chondroitin, and hyaluronic acid, which have been shown to aid in maintaining joint function. However, individual results can vary, and it may not be effective for all dogs.

What dosage of YuMOVE is recommended for my dog?

The ideal YuMOVE dosage will depend on your dog’s weight.

It is typically one tablet per day for small dogs, two for medium dogs, and three for large dogs. Always read the specific packaging for dosage instructions and consult your vet for advice tailored to your dog.

Is YuMOVE considered an anti-inflammatory supplement for dogs?

YuMOVE contains Omega 3 fatty acids, including EPA, which have natural anti-inflammatory properties.

This can help to ease stiffness and support your dog’s joint mobility. However, it is not a replacement for prescribed anti-inflammatory medications.

What makes YuMOVE Advance 360 different from other YuMOVE supplements?

YuMOVE Advance 360 is specially formulated with higher concentrations of key ingredients like glucosamine and green-lipped mussel compared to standard YuMOVE products.

It’s designed to provide advanced joint support for dogs needing extra care.

Do veterinarians typically recommend YuMOVE for dogs with joint problems?

Yes, veterinarians often recommend YuMOVE as part of a comprehensive joint care plan. It’s clinically proven to work within 6 weeks (Kynetec VetTrak Sales Data, MAT Values July 2018).

Be sure to consult your vet for recommendations based on your dog’s specific needs.