What’s not to like about our dog wedding chaperone service. After all on the most important day in your life wouldn’t you want one of the most important members of your family to be there? Dogs are after all family and as a loving pet parent wouldn’t it be great to have your best friend there and included in the proceedings and photo shoots.

Look back on your big day precious memories of you and your best friend captured forever! I will take great care of your dog at your wedding and reception so that you are free to celebrate with your guests. Complete the best day of your life by including your dog in your wedding.

Silver Plan
  •         Initial Consultation
  •         Collect & 30 minute walk
  •         Event insurance
  •         Chaperone duties
  •         Take to accommodation
Gold Plan
  •         As Silver Plan PLUS
  •         30 minute walk
  •         Wedding Rehearsal
  •         Transport to/from groomers
  •         2 Photo shoots
Platinum Plan
  •         As Gold Plan PLUS
  •         60 minute walk
  •         Dress pet in chosen attire
  •         3 photo shoots
  •         A take home memento

Why Use Me?

Our dog wedding chaperone service is covered by an exclusive insurance policy that most wedding venues require. And of course I am an experienced dog handler having had 6 dogs in my life. In addition I am a meticulous planner who has an eye for detail thanks to over 40 years’ experience as a Business Manager and Business Consultant. Thus you can be sure that I have the ability to meet your requirements so that you can be certain my dog wedding chaperone service on your big day will be the perfect addition to your perfect day!


Frequently Asked Questions

What does a dog wedding chaperone do?

A Wedding Day Dog Chaperone takes care of your dog on your wedding day. This includes taking them to your wedding venue, toilet breaks and making sure they are calm and happy. It also includes helping them to fulfil their wedding role (for example, posing for photos and walking them down the aisle etc.). After they have finished their role at your wedding I will take them back to their home or your chosen dog boarding facility.

How do I know which plan to choose?

I offer a free meet and greet where I will help you choose the best plan for you based on your dog’s role, your budget and any other important wedding requirements you may have.

What will you wear to the wedding?

I will do my best to dress appropriately so that I will look like your other wedding guests. The Meet and Greet is the perfect opportunity for you to let me know about any dress code you might have for your wedding. If you do have a dress code I will do my level best to adhere to it.

Generally I will wear:

  • Suit: dark blue or charcoal grey
  • Shirts: White
  • Shoes: black shoes
  • Accessories: black treat pouch

What can my dog wear to the wedding?

You can choose your dog’s attire so it’s in keeping with your wedding theme. We can show you a selection of outfits for this purpose. The cost of your chosen outfit will then be added to your plan price.

Can my dog be trained to be the ring bearer?

If you’d like your dog to act as ring bearer at your wedding or perform any other duty that would normally be done by friends or relatives then they would need to be trained to do so. We are happy to discuss and arrange this separately at our initial consultation.

Can you chaperone more than one dog at my wedding?

Yes up to a maximum of 3 dogs. Additional charges apply.

What is your cancellation policy?

A 30% non-refundable deposit to secure your booking with the balance to be paid 12 weeks prior to your wedding day. I require 2 weeks notice prior to your wedding date for a 70% refund to be valid.

Which areas do you cover?

I offer the service primarily in South Yorkshire. If your wedding service is in an area outside of South Yorkshire, give me a call and I will do my best to offer my help on your big day!

How does pick up/ drop off work?

The price for picking up and dropping off your dog within South Yorkshire is included in each of our three plans. Outside of South Yorkshire I charge £1 per mile.  During our initial consultation we will discuss where you want your dog to be picked up or dropped off, access information to these locations and any other information regarding your pets comfort at drop off and pick up.